Blind Pass Beach

6725 Manasota Key Road, Englewood, FL 34223

The panoramic you see above is an actual picture I took of Blind Pass Beach in early July. As you can see, the color "turquoise" actually does apply to this water unlike so many other beaches you hear about around the world or even in Florida at times.

I won't try to hide the fact that I am in fact a workaholic beach bum... yes I did actually type that. The fact is that I was raised that way. Maybe not so much the beach bum part, that's all me. But growing up when it was time to work we worked, and if you're doing something you might as well enjoy it (yes really); conversely when it was time to play my family expected to be all in and play hard. Sammy Hagar actually touched on this in his song "That's the Way We Live" on his album "Livin' it up!" in a much more Jimmy Buffett inspired hard American rock way. I also say that everything in this run-on paragraph is something I practice to this day, and pride myself and now my little family on.

Since I do LOVE to hit a beach or 30 whenever I can, I've been to quite a few. I've been to most of all the big name beaches down here in Florida you can think of, and loved every minute of every one. That said, I would have to honestly say Blind Pass is pretty darned high up on my list of favorite beaches. While the big name beaches are always a great time, eventually it is really nice to sit back and enjoy the gulf and it's striking beauty without being trampled by the hordes and feeling like you need to have someone by the towel guarding your shoes, you know? For me Blind Pass is that beach.

You can probably tell that Blind Pass is less packed by comparison to a Daytona, Siesta Key, or Lido Key. Yes there are people there usually, but certainly not the four alarm circus that comes with the big name beaches that I listed off. I would imagine the reason for this is it's location. Blind Pass is on Manasota Key essentially in the exact midpoint, so it's a bit of a drive from both (even though it's address is officially in Englewood, FL). Point of fact it's easy to miss the entrance if you take the sharp corner.

Other than lack of the "sea of humanity", Blind Pass has a lot to offer and checks off most of my boxes for a great beach. Fine white sand, GORGEOUS turquoise water, better than average bathrooms/and other conveniences, and even has decent shelling. This beach also harbors sea turtles nesting (March through October) so please make sure you look for the markers and watch your step!

I think when you visit this place you'll realize why I love it so much. It's really just a great pure Florida beach experience minus the hassle many of the others have. Enjoy the view, the warm water lapping on the beach, and the family & friends you bring. 

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