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Lemon Bay Dolphin Tours, Englewood FL


One of the amazing things about living in Port Charlotte, FL is how close I am to everything in Southwest Florida. We're 10 minutes from Punta Gorda, 10 from North Port, 15-20 from Englewood, 20-25 from Venice, 40 to Sarasota, & 40 to Ft. Myers (to name a few). As you can imagine this gives you amazing access to hundreds of amenities meant for tourists and locals. I absolutely love finding local businesses & experiences to share with folks such as yourselves.

COVID-19 as we all know really did a number on our lives. Between misinformation, fear, being shut down and then not, COVID-19 really messed up about 3 months of our collective lives. In the case of my family we had three birthdays affected by the general craziness. So as you can imagine when restrictions started to loosen up we started looking for something socially responsible yet REALLY cool to celebrate. Fortunately we stumbled upon Lemon Bay Dolphin Tours in Englewood.  Highly rated everywhere I looked I saw the picture above and simply called the number. Capt. Bruce answered and we spoke for a couple minutes about the tours he offers. We elected to go on the Nature Cruise instead of the Sunset Cruise (which we absolutely plan on doing in the future) and met him a few hours later.

Capt. Bruce met us with a smile and gave us the lowdown on the tour and what we'd be seeing. He was also very conscious about social distancing, not over booking, and making sure hand sanitizer was readily available to everyone who wanted it. So with two other small groups we took off on an outstanding two hour nature cruise. With all honesty we saw so much it's hard to recall half of it! He took us around Lemon Bay, down past the aquatic preserve and Stump Pass beach park (stunning!), showed us a little of the gulf, and then returned to the dock. While that might sound pretty simple there were a TON things we got to learn and see along the way. There was a good amount of history, things pointed out to visit later, and lots of wildlife which Capt. Bruce was able to point out and identify. Yes there were quite a few dolphins throughout the whole trip so you won't be disappointed!

I would recommend Capt. Bruce and his tour to anyone. This is a great, hyper-local activity for folks to take in some of the natural splendor of Southwest Florida in an easy and accessible way. There really is nothing like seeing Florida from a boat!

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