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RadioA1A® - "Music for MY Road to Paradise"

I am pleased as rum punch to announce the association of my Realtor®PSA® business with RadioA1A®, along with the renewal of the partnership with my other company Twisted Palms Trading Co.!

I have been friends with Harry Teaford (the Owner), Lyle Wilson, & many more RadioA1A® contributors now for roughly five years. This came about through my other company, Twisted Palms Trading Co., a Hawaiian shirt and tropical apparel website. You see RadioA1A® is quite special to me for a plethora of reasons. Not the least of which is because I discovered it out my love of Jimmy Buffett. 

RadioA1A® is an internet radio station (and much more now) based out of Islamorada, FL. The channel is a rarity in today's society (from my point of view) as it only plays original "Trop Rock" or "Tropical Americana" songs performed by actual people with real instruments (If you're unclear or fuzzy about what "Trop Rock" is, think Jimmy Buffett tunes centering on the beach and living the good life). It's honestly amazing how many artists have PHlocked to this station, submitting their hard work for the enjoyment of over 10k people per day listening around the globe! RadioA1A® even has it's own shows that come on throughout the week like Weekday's With Wilson, The Trop40 Countdown, The TropRock Hour with Michael Wade, and The Florida Real Estate Guy with Mykael Marinelli (If you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Florida Keys, Mykael is the man! If you talk to him, tell him Mark Hanover sent you )

Harry Teaford is the founder and has had more jobs than James Hyneman from Mythbusters. Base player, radio personality, real estate finance, you name it and he's had something to do with it at some point. He's also an Alabama fan... but I digress.

This station has been a bonding point for so many it's staggering. I can't tell you how many friends I have through Facebook and real life due to this channel, I honestly can't put a number on it. When I started Twisted Palms, I lived in South Bend, IN. Not long after affiliating with RadioA1A® more people knew my name in the Florida Keys, much less Florida than in South Bend (where I had lived since 1984). I've met and befriended great artists such as Donny Brewer, Don Middlebrook, Matt Burmeister, and even THE Nadirah Shakoor because of my affiliation with RadioA1A®. Heck we even got a song written for Twisted Palms by Matt Burmeister (The Tiki Tom Toms & The Pineapple Beach Party) that reached #9 on the Trop40 Countdown!

All of this & more is why I'm so excited to associate my real estate business with RadioA1A®! People around the world want to move to Southwest, FL, and why not? We have amazing original restaurants, shopping, and natural wonders you wouldn't believe. We have the one and only US 41, the Tamiami Trail. Access to the rest of the state is easy from here yet our location makes us "a world away". Our property value IS AMAZING (in my opinion) compared to many other areas of Florida. Plus most of the area has that "home made Florida charm" that makes this state so special. Finally, we have the sunset coast, which gives you this...

So if you've never listened to RadioA1A® click on the logo above, or player on the left side of my blog. Give it try, I'm sure you'll love it! Don't forget to join in on the community, that's part of the fun and charm of the experience. If have listened, you know what I'm talking about. 

If you're looking to buy or sell in the Southwest Florida area, give me a call/email/text! I'll provide you with the best real estate experience you've ever had. And after you've moved in to your slice of paradise, you can listen to RadioA1A® and enjoy the sunshine all the more!

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