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Paradise Is A Thought Away

I know winter is a difficult time for those of us who love sun, beaches, and beautiful ocean waves. Most of the nation has to put up with sub-zero weather for at least a couple months out of the year, and the northern states even longer. Just remember that it will all be over soon, and the beach is just a couple months away! Until then, remember....

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Stress v. Real Life

So often we all get sucked in to the day to day grind of what people loosely refer to as 'real life'. While that's understandable the reality of the situation is what most people refer to as 'real life' is actually just stress wearing the masks of work, neighbors, family, and a multitude of other things. We all have these things to contend with, and just because something is stressful doesn't mean it's not important; but that doesn't mean it's 'life'.  'Life' (to me) is the things that make us smile, and adds to your joy. Taking your kids to the zoo, or even Disney. Having those intimate quiet dinners with your special someone. Great nights drinking and joking with...

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Sunset Moments

Going all the way back to before I can recall, I've loved sunsets. They're something most people take for granted, which is amazing to me given their beauty. I can't think of anything more gratifying than watching the sun go down after a long hard played day at the beach. It's a mixture of gratification, awe of beauty, appreciation for the awesomeness that was the day, excitement for what the night will bring, mixed with just a hint of melancholy knowing the day has come to an end. Really it's during those moments that you know you've found paradise.

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