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Everyone works hard all week, then it's time to relax. The simple pleasure of that first margarita on Friday after the long ordeal that is the work week is one of life's treasures! So even if you have to work this weekend take the time today to kick back, relax, and enjoy the tropical chill juice that is the margarita! If you have time share pictures of your margaritas and other adult beverages on our Facebook or Twitter pages! We're always happy to raise a glass to our patrons! Cheers!

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Starting something is rarely an easy process. Whether it's a website, relationship, new school or job, or even a family beginnings are rarely all we would like them to be. There is always something you need, or something you didn't even know you needed, and difficulties unforeseen making things harder than what you would like.  Personally I like to think of beginnings as ingredients for a margarita. When you look at a pile of limes, a bottle of tequila, triple sec, glasses and some salt some wouldn't necessarily believe all of that will come together to become the iconic adult...

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Some of the best times I've ever known have been with friends over margaritas, chips and salsa. There's something about the atmosphere of a restaurant where such things are available that really brings out the stories and laughter. Plus margaritas and nachos aren't something that will typically 'break the bank'! So wherever you are call up your closest friends, head out to your favorite Mexican restaurant or bar, and have some laughs over chips and 'ritas! 

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