Antibacterial Fashion Face Mask HONU

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Antibacterial Fashion Face Mask HONU

    • Made with:
      PE 90%, Spandex 10%

    • Individually Sealed Packaged

    • Face Well Fitted Mask Covering Nose to Chin

    • UV Protection and Antibacterial

    • Reusable, Washable and Fast Drying

    • Reduces the risk of direct exposure from:

      Dust, Pollen and other air Pollutants

    • Color: White, Black

    • Sizes Available:
      S: W:6.5 x H:4.9 Inches
      M: W:6.9 x H:5.3 Inches
      L: W:7.3 x H:5.7 Inches

Soft and Skin Friendly Fit! 

Note: Please be advised that these masks don't have any ratings based on the filtering levels of bacteria and viruses. They are basic masks and not of medical grade. Masks CAN'T be returned or exchanged.