Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrella Cover 30"

Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrella Cover 30"

$ 49.00

This Umbrella measures 30 inches in diameter is topped with layers of Mexican Palm Thatch. The uses for this umbrella are both decorative and practical, and will add a great tropical feel to any yard or room! Each umbrella is carefully inspected before shipping. 

Our Mexican Palm Thatch is completely renewable and does not harm the tree when it is harvested. It is durable, commercial grade, easy to install, and versatile.

Because it is a natural product every thatch is hand woven, and will have an individual character for every panel. Depending on your local climate and care, our Mexican Palm Thatch can last between 3-5 years!

*DISCLAIMER*: This product is not fire rated. It's recommended installer apply a flame retardant spray for commercial use.

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