Pirates Night Before Christmas - Mayor Sammie Gonzo Mays - Twisted Palms Trading Co.
Mayor Sammie Gonzo Mays - Twisted Palms Trading Co.

Pirate Night Before Christmas

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“This book is precious!” –Paula Deen, Celebrity Chef, Author: Christmas With Paula Deen

"A marvelous flight of pirate fancy for a noble purpose." –Sir Peter Anderson, Secretary General, Conch Republic Navy

Shiver me timbers and a Yo ho, ho, ho! There’s a little something you might not know about Ol’ Saint Nick, so best ye move over Red Beard, Black Beard, and Blue Beard 'cause there’s a pirate known as Ol’ White Beard, and when it comes to getting pirates their holiday loot n’ booty, aboard the 'Yuletide' he sails the seven seas with a fantastic, unleashed, team of endangered beluga white whales, that, upon ocean waves are a miraculous sight to behold!

Incensed by the fragile state and precipitous decline of a struggling pod of three-hundred critically endangered Alaskan Cook Inlet Beluga whales, Sammie Mays wrote (under the nom de plume 'Mayor Gonzo Mays') this touching holiday family storybook in an effort to draw attention to the struggling plight of the waning white whales.

An 8 x 10 fully illustrated 46-page collectible work of art, 'Pirate Night Before Christmas' (brilliantly illustrated by artist Ron L. Thomas) offers an authentic, heart-warming, pirate experience for the entire family and adds a buccaneering twist to the old holiday classic that nary a reader won’t enjoy reading—and reciting!

So go ahead, stow away mates, there’s merry to make!

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